This blog is a collective enterprise. It aims to investigate the current state of politics and economics in the West. The motivation behind the blog is that the current moment requires some new thinking, by the Left, about the relationship between politics and economics. We shall sometimes produce commentaries, sometimes simply draw attention to key facts about our contemporary political economy.

Initially founded by Chris Bickerton and Alex Gourevitch, The Current Moment is expanding its authorship in order to address the on-going crisis of the Eurozone and to intervene in the EU referendum scheduled to take place in the UK in 2016. Often seen as a narrow question about the UK’s relationship to the EU, this referendum in fact goes to the heart of the debate today about the meaning and scope of democracy, self-determination and our understanding of political freedom.

The Current Moment contributors:

Chris Bickerton Queens photo small

Chris Bickerton is University Lecturer in politics at the department of politics at international studies (POLIS) at the University of Cambridge. He is also Official Fellow at Queens’ College, Cambridge. His main focus is on European politics, including the development and future of the European Union. He is the author of European Integration: From Nation States to Member States (2012). He regularly writes for the Monde Diplo and the Wall Street Journal. He has a PhD from Oxford in international relations, and previously taught at Oxford, the University of Amsterdam and at Sciences Po in Paris. He tweets @cjbickerton.


Alex GourevitchAlex G TCM photo

Alex Gourevitch is Assistant Professor in Political Science at Brown University. His research lies in both the history of political and economic thought, and in contemporary debates about freedom, welfare, and economic organization. He is the author of From Slavery to the Cooperative Commonwealth: Labor and Republican Liberty in the Nineteenth Century (2015). He has a PhD in political science from Columbia University. He has taught at the universities of Harvard and McMaster.


Lee JonesLee jones bio photo TCM

Lee is Senior Lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London. His research focuses on sovereignty, intervention and statehood in the global South, particularly East Asia. He is author of ASEAN, Sovereignty and Intervention in Southeast Asia (2012), Societies Under Siege: Exploring How International Economic Sanctions (Do Not) Work (2015) and, with Shahar Hameiri, Governing Borderless Threats: Non-Traditional Security and the Politics of State Transformation (2015). He regularly advises governments and appears in national and international media. His website is www.leejones.tk and he tweets @DrLeeJones.


Peter Ramsay

Peter Ramsay is an Associate Professor of Law at the London School of Economics. He works on the relation between democracy and the forms and limits of state coercion, the securitization of contemporary law and the idea of the vulnerable legal subject. He is the author of The Insecurity State: Vulnerable Autonomy and the Right to Security in the Criminal Law (2012).

We welcome contributions and suggestions. Please send any inquiries to moment.current@gmail.com.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Robert Leonardo October 26, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    I just came across your blog. I must say, I am always disaapoined when I see someone trying to defend liberalism. Your not from America ? Her roots don’t sit in liberalism in any form, and her problems come from an attemted replanting into a cess pool of “progressive thought” Hence all our buget woes rest with this move some 50 years ago. Anytime you want to blame a republican it will be because of their mindless attempt to mimic a democrat. Our republic was built on judeo/christian values, not perfect for sure, but ohh so much better then the jack-asses who run now under the democrat flag of surrender to common sense, and to hell with the bible.

    No, I am not a democrat or republican. Just a person watching Biblical eschatology play out.


  2. Brian Charlebois December 23, 2016 at 9:34 pm #

    I would like you to Open your mind, and leave any preconceived notion’s of what post representative democracy may look like. I hope that you would agree that in the natural process: When a small group of people are trying to find consensus, suggestions and ideas are put forward by any one or more individuals in the group. Informal voting takes place. Based on that information more suggestions may emerge. This process is repeated until the highest level of satisfaction is achieved. Only then is the vote official. The free flow of unofficial voting is essential here. We would like to add that various vote reforms are attempts to supplement for our inability to provide,”The free flow of unofficial voting.”we can re-create this on the worldwide scale.

    The Opinion Market.

    There are three main forms of growing opinion market, ( growing because the average Internet user age is passing approximately 40,) these markets are:

    (1) polling for news organization.

    (2) The commercial product & entertainmen market.

    (3) And then we have the political upheaval pushing for change. This is the one that is forcing Twitter to act as a petition. This is also the market that thousands of organizations are competing for at this very moment.

    Within the next 2 to 5 years someone will fill this void. It is easily predictable that there will be several entities that will emerge victorious, each in slightly different ways. The voice of humanity will be louder, but it will not be speaking with one voice.

    Right now there is an opportunity to monopolize all of these markets, and expand on it by excepting all opinions of every conceivable type. Everything in life can be political, and everyone in the world has an opinion on something.

    We are here because no one else is aware of this opportunity, and we cannot just sit here and watch it go by. Here is our plan, http://www.yourupinion.com/

    we are asking If you could take a moment to give us your perspective.
    It’s understandable if you feel you must express the unlikelihood of this plan going viral in any comment you may make, either way we would still be very grateful for any acknowledgement of our existence.

    Thank you from our 52 members,
    and myself,
    Brian Charlebois

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